Kaala Movie Review And Rating

Movie: Kaala
Director: Pa Ranjith
Producer: Dhanush
Music: Santosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Murali
Casting: Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi, Eashwari Rao and others

After the disastrous movie Kabali, superstar Rajinikanth has come up with another yet different concept movie Kaala which revolves around the land disrupts in Dharavi of Mumbai. Director Pa Ranjith has paired up once again with Thalaiva to make sure he hits the success at any cost this time. The movie has created enough hype in the audiences and let us see if it has lived up to the expectations in the detailed review.

Local political leaders of Dharavi area in Mumbai use their power to acquire the land of the poor which is strictly opposed by Rajaji Kaala(Rajinikanth). He emerges as the leader of the poor and comes into fight with political leader Hari Dada(Nana Patekar) who wants to implement ‘Pure Mumbai’ scheme so as to evacuate the slums from Dharavi. But Kaala stands in between him and the poor people for the good cause and fights hard for their lands. How did Kaala win over Hari Dada from stopping him to abduct the land of the poor forms the rest of the story.

Kaala is an out and out commercial entertainer with load of mass action elements. The movie directed by Pa Ranjith of Kabali fame has reached up the expectations kept on him by Rajinikanth. The director has used Thalaiva the way he can be used. The movie went on an interest note which helped the audiences stick to their seats.

Entire first-half has come out extremely well with the elevation scenes of Rajinikanth as Kaala which are fabulous. Kaala emerging as the peoples leader and standing for a good cause makes the soup more tasty. Kaala’s fight against the political leaders who does enough tactics for the land is shown good. The interval bang comes with a mind-blowing rain fight which stood as one of the major highlight for the movie. The second-half of the movie revolves around how Kaala comes into action stopping Hari Dada and the way he wins the game makes a good ending.

Finally, Kaala is a movie made by a fan of Super-star for the fans of super-star. Rajinikanth will be a more happy person for the way Kaala has come out and has lived up this time reaching the expectations of the audiences.

Star Performances:
Rajinikanth as Kaala makes the one-man show more interesting. The way Thalaiva is shown in a new look will attract the audiences and his way of dressing is quite attractive. The self-owned stylish way of Rajinikanth and his dialogue delivery will be an eye-feast for his fans. Nana Patekar has done more effective in the villain role giving a strong fight to Rajini. Eashwari Rao, Huma Qureshi lived upto their roles.

Technical Aspects:
Director Pa Ranjith must be lauded for his committment in the movie. Though with a huge disaster Kabali, this time Ranjith came up more agressive and made his vision clear to get the success at any cost. The way he handled the entire movie is appreciated by everyone. Cinematography of Murali is extremely good. The locations are shown well especially the Dharavi set. Santosh Narayanan impresses with his music. Production values are good enough to make Kaala more rich in the view. Seems Dhanush hasn’t compromised until the perfection.

Final Word:
Kaala Wins The Game!

Rating: 3.25/5.0